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Natural and Holistic Treatment for Adults and Children

Atlantis Salt Cave

Atlantis Salt Cave of Boca Raton was founded by Douglas Rosenbaum along with his son Jonathan. They created the Atlantis Salt Therapy Cave with the intention of bringing natural and holistic treatment to people who may benefit from its healing and natural powers.

The Rosenbaums have personally experienced the power of salt. Douglas’s father was the president of the local synagogue and a role model to all who knew him. His mother, Sylvia, was president of B’nai B’rith. She developed programs to promote the social, educational, and cultural betterment of Jews through the state of New York. Both parents committed themselves to the overall wellness of their community. Unfortunately, Douglas lost his father unexpectedly at the age of 11. Losing his dad so young pushed him to become the man he is today. Douglas quickly took over as head of the household to support and care for his mother and two brothers. Words his father lived by became Douglas’ inner voice…“Do right by your brother and you will do alright yourself!”

Doug’s mother, Sylvia, has suffered from Asthma and a deep cough for most of her life. Relying on a nebulizer for 30+ years, Doug was frustrated but determined to find relief for his dear mom. A friend of his mentioned to bring his mother to a salt therapy session. At 89 years old Sylvia had her first session and has not used her nebulizer or asthma medications since. Doug witnessed first hand the healing power of salt therapy, not only with his mother but his son and himself.

With Doug and Jonathan’s altruistic nature, they wanted nothing more than to bring the best to Boca! Atlantis Salt Cave presents the world’s best halogenerators along with 100% Imported Pink Himalayan salt on walls, floors and thousand plus pound lamps – the best salt therapy for his family and for yours.


Our Team

Douglas Rosenbaum
Founder / Owner

Jonathan Rosenbaum
Founder / Owner

Sylvia Rosenbaum
Loving Mother and Grandmother

Proud member of Luxury Chamber of Commerce

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